Thursday, August 27, 2015

Chimps Get Two New Enrichment Toys!

Last Month I saw a Wood Swing added to the Chimps Home. This was the first new thing I've seen, since some extra Fire Hoses were added to the Middle Grotto last year.  And that was the first thing I've seen added in the last seven years since I've been paying close attention to the Zoo Friends.  Most likely the only thing to be added in over Twenty Years.  I think Thirty, but I'm being generous.

I wanted to post a photo, but I have so many and being behind in blogging and sharing, I lost track of what folder I put it in.  Made an effort to find it tonight, since now there are two Toys to post about. ... I was happy to catch Maggie on the Swing, the first day I saw it.  It was a quick capture, as she was already in motion when I walked up.  She was using it to reach for something above.

A great addition, but I would like to see another layer added to the base, to give it a multi-purpose.  If another layer was added food could be put between like this, and used as Enrichment during their forage.    
I had this photo in my Enrichment folder,
from Pinterest, no photo credits given.  

This past Monday, I happened by Chimps and saw them with a huge new Mirror!  I had previously seen Maggie using a mirror, and captured this, one of my fav photos.  She had a rat tail comb and was combing her hair and admiring herself :)

I use this photo as the banner on my Facebook Group, Amazing Animal Stories.  

On Monday, it was again Miss Maggie at the Mirror!  It was also the first day it was out and I was told that all three, had taken a look at it :)  ... The holes on the Mirror allow it to also act as a feeder (food dispenser).

Here's the link to my cute video :)

Once Cobby came out, I realized that the Mirror could have been better placed.   In all the joy seeing this, I didn't think about how the positioning of it blocks the main place they like to sit.  Cobby especially is almost always sitting by this one pole (as seen in photos) and he and the girls, lay in that area often, if not multiple times a day.  You can see how its placed now, it not only doesn't allow Cobs much room to sit in his fav spot, but takes up the area they like to lounge, which would be across the area under where the mirror is hanging.

If possible, moving it to the opposite side, in my opinion would be a better location for this awesome new Toy.  Then they can have the Toy and the area they frequent most, still available to them.

Glad to see these two new items.  Hate to say it, but if the whole Chimp situation had never come about, Cobby, Minnie and Maggie would have probably never seen anything new.  Let's hope they continue to get new Enrichment Items added to their current home, while they continue to wait for the Sky Trail Upgrade.

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  1. My heart sings to see them with their new Enrichement Items I do hope the future gives them new items ... So glad to see them happy the picture of Miss Maggie with the comb is ever so cute! Thanks for sharing this with us.


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