Thursday, March 26, 2015

Upgrades Start! - Wednesday March 18, 2015 Visit Report

Great news to report! Attention being paid to Chimps! 

The rusty structure in grotto 2 has been sanded and painted!


My original thought for that old thing was to remove it, to create a larger surface area.  I still think that would be ideal, but if painting it, therefore removing the rust that could be dangerous works, that's fine. Maybe removing it would be too costly and disruptive?   The Chimps peace is primary in any upgrade consideration.  As well, if too costly, that money going towards the new exhibit would be the better use of it.

Word is the building that houses their night quarters is next!   That building has had peeling paint for over seven years.

Someone who I told this great news to, said, "I would argue that chimps don't care if a place is painted. That's more for the PR than for the animals' care."

I completely disagree.  Yes, its definitely considered aesthetic, but in my opinion, not keeping up with regular maintenance, shows the level of disrespect and disregard shown to the Chimps over many years.  Its the bare minimum that could have been done and never was.  That is why I point this out and push for it to be done.

Frankly, with the Chimp exhibit being a main focal point in the front end of the Zoo, you would think keeping it looking nice would be something the Management would want to do.  But, we all know the attention priorities have been lacked proper Direction for years.

This level of lack of attention, would lead anyone to believe that after the misappropriation of funds from the 1997 City Bond, that Management through the years always had a plan to eventually move the Chimps.  Director Peterson inherited that, but that didn't mean she had to keep that position.  She chose to.  Three Directors let them languish til the situation became a literal push/shove, after losing Tallulah. Thankfully after 18 years of Shame, public outcry has got the Zoo to show these Friends some Love!

Finally, something Shiny and New for the Chimps! Wasn't that hard San Francisco Zoo , was it?   What did it cost you, a few cans of paint and a couple days man power?  Donations weren't need for that, that is regular up keep.

This would be an awesome paint job, but I doubt we'll ever see a guideline so bold.  ... They had the Giants logo painted there for years, why not something that would benefit the Chimps?

I've had a few "Inspirational" message signs in draft for over a year.  I got the idea when I started seeing them as wall art in stores and online.  The Zoo has many spaces where messages of respect and behavior can be put, that would be in Visitors eye sight more than (in addition to) the lite level of signage already in place.

Hope to see or hear soon that there will be some additional signage in some way to deter the constant Visitor disruption to the Chimps.  It would be useful for other Animals, but the Chimps exhibit the stress very physically.  As well, my suggestion of providing them with a tree lined barrier, to veil their direct eye contact with the Visitors, both out of common sense and per AZA guidelines.

Joint Zoo Meeting Tonight
SFZoo 5p

Look forward to hearing an update from Director Peterson in regard to the Chimps.  
* What upgrades are planned and what's the timeline?
Would also be curious on how much money has been donated through the website effort.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

SFZoo Plan of Action for Chimp Upgrade! - Can We Get One?

I ended the last post saying I think the Zoo needs to issue a Plan of Action.

I have held off blogging about the lack of updates from the Zoo, choosing to wait until a month had passed since the meeting.  Giving them a chance to get the ball rolling.  Even though I'm more than anxious to see some things start to change for the Chimps right now.  But, since I posted about the article, I might as well post what's on my mind.

Those things are what I feel extremely necessary and I sent those suggestions to Director Peterson as well I've posted them on this blog.

* Tree lines Barrier to obscure direct visual connection between Chimps and Public.  This would help limit the amount of upset caused to Senior male Cobby.

* Signage detailing upset behavior and guidelines for visitors while at the Chimp exhibit, especially if they notice upset behavior being displayed.  This would deter some of the misbehavior that accelerates the upset to the Chimps.

* Chimp house painting.  Simple thing, yet hasn't been done in years.  I'm tired of seeing the paint peeling worse and worse every time I go there.  Aesthetic, sure, but it hows a complete lack of respect.

As of last week, two weeks since the Meeting, not a brush of paint, not one tree, or one sign.

I think, the Zoo should issue a Plan of Action.  Considering the Zoo is soliciting funds for the Chimps via their website, I'm sure Members of the Public would be interested.

As I reported after the Joint Zoo Meeting announcement, that my interpretation of the plan was:  the Zoo would upgrade the Chimps existing home (with what sounded like existing funds), noting the addition of Sky Trails.  Then launch a fundraising effort for a new exhibit, the Chimp Forest,  ... I read in a news article that the Zoo had designated 250k for the upgrade project, which lend to my interpretation of use of existing funds.

Then the Zoo launched its web based fundraising campaign, that seemed to be geared only toward the new exhibit.  So, it was unclear whether they had planned to upgrade until funds were raised for that as well?

From the news article yesterday, it seems that the Million Dollar donation will be used to upgrade. 

Obviously the plan is to upgrade first.  I'd like to know, what the time frame is for that and what exactly will be done and in what order.  

Million Dollar Donation for Chimps! - News Article 3.13.15

“It is with great pride and humility that I announce a gift of $1 million to our Zoo,” said Peterson. “A donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has committed money to improve our existing chimpanzee facility as well as prepare for the arrival of future great apes.”

Read full article here:

Well, this is great news!   A BIG Thank You!   to the Donor!  You are making a difference in these Chimps lives!   

A BIG Thank You also, to every Member of the Public who has visited the Zoo's fundraising page and made a personal donation to help the Chimps!  

Whether it One Dollar or a Million, they can't get to the final destination without everyone's help.

I was also glad to read of the involvement of the San Francisco Giants with helping to raise funds.  I had hoped since the Zoo loves its local Sports Teams, that Director Peterson would tap into those funding opportunities and the Teams and their Players would respond in support of our City's Animal Residents.  

I inquired to this years ZooFest theme with no luck (no surprise), so its good to finally read it in this article.  Not sure I get it, but if it helps raise money...  I will say the "Fund-a-Need" (per the ZooFest page) is the Zoo's Wellness Center.  I hope that's changed and it will have a focus on the urgency of the Chimps needs.   I might just have to go and check that out for myself!

I have to say, this printed information makes me a bit uncomfortable.

> According to Peterson, this anonymous donor’s favorite primate is actually the Orangutan. But if the Zoo does not have access to future Chimpanzees, this donor hopes the revamped space is filled with other primate species.
“This donor understands we participate in species’ survival plans as well as provide homes for animals-in-need,” Peterson continued. “It is the hope of this very generous donor that her gift allows the Zoo to continue to be a leader in primate care, particularly with great apes.” <
I'm not trying to nit pick, but I am keeping my eyes and ears on this situation very closely.  Also note, that this is in no way meant to be ungrateful to the Donor.  

The Chimps staying at the SFZoo (if the Zoo intends to keep them for the duration of all three of their lives and keep its accreditation), relies on the Zoo eventually bringing in more Chimpanzees.  The group must be expanded by the time our three go down in numbers to two.  Of course I am hoping we have many, many years til that happens, but the fact is, if that happens and the Zoo does not have an enclosure that meets the AZA/SSP standards to bring in additional Chimps, our Chimps will again be faced with the same eviction issue.  Unless the Zoo is willing to give up its accreditation for our Chimps lifespan.  I hope that the Chimps staying, is a commitment regardless whatever obstacle may be presented.  

I note this because I know that any upgrades to the current enclosure, will be an "in the meantime" perk for them.  Much needed!  as they have gone without for decades, but it will not be an "up to standard"  upgrade.  So, we need them to have a new exhibit ASAP!

So, the notation of "not having access to future Chimps, is a concern.  As well, noting Orangutans in the same sentence, knowing that Director Peterson already had an alleged plan in place to bring in Orangutans after she kicked out the Chimps, bothers me.

The Zoo needs to issue a plan of action statement.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Comment Issue

Hello Readers,  I know Blogger to have had issues with Comments coming through in the past.  I have been told by a Friend this is a problem again.  

If anyone tries to post with issue OR after a few days doesn't see their Comment posted (I publish all the come through) please contact me via  ...  everyone's Voice for the Chimps is valued.  

Thank you!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

News Article - What Does this All Mean for Our Chimps?

News article from Friday 3.6.15:

Actually going to post the article in full, as I was told by someone that they couldn't view the whole text on the site. 

>>> Just when it seemed like there couldn’t be any more monkey business at the troubled San Francisco Zoo, along comes the sad story of its three elderly chimpanzees and their less-than-stellar accommodations that could cost the institution its accreditation.

The smiley, hirsute creatures were a family of four until matriarch Tallulah died in 2013 of heart disease complicated by breast cancer. The beloved trickster was known for occasionally escaping her confines to hit the snack bar or fiddle with pay phones — and zoo legend has it that her face was the muse for the equally beloved “Star Wars” character, Yoda.

Her death prompted the zoo’s accrediting body, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, to recommend that the remaining three chimps — Cobby, Minnie and Maggie — be moved to another facility because the animals do best socially when they’re in larger groups.

Tanya Peterson, executive director of the zoo, said that she asked instead to keep the three chimps and add a fourth, but that the association also considered that plan problematic.

“The concern was that our aging facility wasn’t state-of-the-art and may not be suitable for a younger chimpanzee,” Peterson said.

The zoo has drawn up plans for a new chimpanzee enclosure, but it will cost close to $10 million to build. The eye-popping figure will be tough to reach considering the zoo is already fundraising for a $6 million South American Tropical Rainforest and Aviary building that will house birds, reptiles, a sloth and a 15-foot anaconda.

We would have bet that raising money for chimps would have been an easier sell than sloths and anacondas, but Peterson said that’s not the case.

“The chimpanzee exhibit wasn’t speaking to some of our major donors,” Peterson said. “Everybody has their favorite animals, and I think there is a population that really cares about birds.”

Birds are great, but better than cuddly chimpanzees that look like Yoda? We think not.

Far short of the necessary funds, Peterson then went looking for a new home for the chimps, even visiting a Florida amusement park that also keeps animals. (It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.)

She said she was impressed by the facility, but that it already has 19 chimps, and she was worried the San Francisco primates would have a hard time adjusting to such a large group. While many senior citizens relocate to Florida, Peterson determined that Cobby, who at 57 is downright ancient for a chimp and one of the oldest male chimps in captivity anywhere, would have an especially hard time with the move.

So Peterson is back to trying to finagle $10 million out of rich people who aren’t particularly enamored with chimps and is making smaller improvements to the current chimp enclosure in the meantime. The improvements include more time with zoo staff and more chutes to climb on.

Peterson said the accrediting association can’t make the zoo give up its chimps, but it can take away its accreditation, which allows zoos to receive federal funds, win financial support from foundations and exchange animals with other accredited zoos.

The accreditation was up in the air after the death of two elephants at the zoo in 2004, but was eventually renewed in 2006 and again in 2011. The credentials are good for five years.

The accreditation “is important to us,” Peterson said.

The uncertainty comes as just one more blow to the zoo, which in November lost its baby gorilla, Kabibe, after she was crushed to death under an electric door. Five zookeepers who work with primates told The Chronicle that the 30-year-old gorilla enclosure had a flawed layout, faulty doors and inadequate staffing — and that Kabibe’s death could have been prevented.

The past 11 years have not been kind to the zoo — or, one could say, the animals in it. In 2004, two elephants died, and an angry Board of Supervisors voted to move the zoo’s remaining two elephants to an animal sanctuary.

In 2007, three giant eland African antelope from the San Diego Wild Animal Park were moved to the zoo and put in a single indoor stall where two of them died. Right around the same time, a hippo named Puddles died following a move to new quarters that employees said was bungled.

Most famously, of course, a tiger escaped from her enclosure in 2007 and killed a 17-year-old visitor to the zoo. The tiger enclosure’s wall was four feet lower than recommended national standards.

In a Chronicle op-ed just after the recent baby gorilla death, Peterson — who took the top post in 2008 — said the zoo receives just over $4 million a year from the city, an amount that hasn’t changed since the 1990s. The zoo’s annual operating expenses top $17 million annually, meaning the zoo must rely on donors and operational funds (such as admissions, memberships, food sales and increasingly expensive train and carousel rides) to make up the difference.

Rehabilitating exhibits that date back to the Great Depression is, therefore, a depressing proposition.

“No doubt we are an 85-year-old zoo,” Peterson told us. “I feel like we’re like the Golden Gate Bridge: We just have to continually improve.”

Likening an old, tired facility to the Golden Gate Bridge might be a stretch, but Peterson said the zoo has “a lot we can feel proud about.” She pointed to the African Savanna exhibit, the two new red pandas and the Lipman Family Lemur Forest.

Don’t tell the chimps that even the lemurs are faring better than they are. By the way, if you’re a fan of the zoo’s chimps, you can help fund their new home by visiting and donating to “Help the Chimps.”<<<

Good Grief, where to start.  Yesterday, it was the issue of whether the Chimps are actually getting an upgrade and/or New Exhibit.  Now, this article makes the situation seem like even though its off shady ground, its on shaky ground.

At least this article makes note of the upgrades, while fundraising for the new exhibit.  BUT I do not like the toss of "accreditation" into the mix.  What happens if no money for either comes through and Zoo is threatened with accreditation loss?  Will the commitment to Keep the Chimps be reneged?

Another thing about accreditation.  They note one of the downfalls of not having it is they "won't be able to exchange animals ,... "  Maybe if they didn't have accreditation, they wouldn't keep bringing in new and shiny Animals that take away from the needs of the animals currently living there.

So, once I waded through the inconsistencies that brought the Chimps plight to light, what I ended up with was the boo hoo story about accreditation and funds.  I'm sorry but I have to get this out of the way now.  I have been thankful to Director Peterson, for whatever reason, for making the decision to let Our Chimps Stay Home.  BUT in light of the neglect and disregard shown to the Chimps over the last thirty years, I do not want to hear crying poor, or anything else out of the Zoo.  Money for the Chimps was misappropriated/misplaced/misused, whatever in 1997.  Peterson wasn't there, but the Zoo has the same Financial Officer Wayne Reading.  Together they need to figure it out and give the Chimps what they are due!  A decent home to live out their lives here in SF.

If the Zoo under Peterson's management, hadn't spent money on a Tiki Hut, Overnight Camping area, Art Installation Showcase that takes up half of the Pachyderm House (where an Animal lives and could have used an expanded area), among other unnecessary and non-animal related crap, they would have some extras funds.  While painting the Pachyderm building for that project, Cobby sat at the top of his structure, watching them for days. I saw him, I filmed him.   He was probably wondering why his home wasn't getting painted.  Disgraceful.

Peterson is quoted in the article referring to fundraising already "for the Tropical Aviary".  WELL, the Chimps were in need before SHE prioritized the Aviary, which only had one Resident Animal at the time.  Since then she has authorized the acquisition of a literal houseful of new residents for that building.  If she cared like she says she does, the Chimps would have been at the forefront of fundraising for years prior to this.  I know at least one Zoo Fest was for the Aviary, one for her North American area,  I don't remember one for the Chimps?   

Also noted was a tale about Chimps being a hard sell to Donors.  I'm sure people do have their favorites.  I believe Director Peterson does.  Fact still remains, there has been NO fundraiser specifically for the Chimps.  I do not believe that if a Zoo Fest was for the Chimps specifically that Donors would come and never open their check books.  AND if that did happen and does, SHAME on every one of the Donors and Members of the San Francisco Zoological Society, for not caring about these Senior Residents.  

Will the Chimps get an Upgrade OR New Home - I Thought Both!?

The Zoo posted a link on their Facebook to this Donation Page on Thursday.

There has already been some questions by members of the public, as well as myself.

I'm all for any kind of fundraising for the Chimps.  The text is just curious, as I previously (most recent, Wednesday's post) wrote the Director's Presentation at the Meeting, in regard to the Chimps staying, stated that ... the Zoo would add Sky Trails to the current enclosure, as it was 'a cost efficient way to bring in additional space for them.  She then noted that the design for the new exhibit has a price tag of 10 million, which would need to put forth the largest fundraising campaign the Zoo has even done.' Additionally noting that the Zoo would turn to the public for help.  I also read a news article that stated the dollar amount the Zoo committed to for upgrades would be $250,000.  

To me, this Donation Page text reads like the Zoo is fundraising for the Upgrade, with commitment to the New Exhibit pending how much is raised.  This seems to clearly be an "OR" instead of an "AND".  As I stated, I understood the presentation information to mean that the Zoo had committed to Upgrading using current funds (assumed in place already) and that any fundraising would be toward the New Exhibit.  

I understand that funds are hard to come by, but I also have read the Zoo has money, which makes sense when I see all these other things being built, so using funds they already have seemed logical for the upgrades and trying to raise the 10 million for the new exhibit seemed what was going to happen.  Now it seems like they are fundraising for upgrades.  

Got to admit, when I heard they were designating money for the upgrades, I was giving Kudos to them, considering the Zoo has neglected the Chimps home for thirty years, I took this to be a generous gesture. So, at this point I'm anxious to hear more about this and see how this plays out.

Also, the member of the public question was in regard to whether this fundraising page was specifically for the Chimps or a general help the Animals fund?  .. The Zoo has not answered that person yet.  They need to clear that up soon, otherwise there will be people hesitant to donate.

It would be nice if they designated a specifically for Chimps page that would generate a "raised so far" tally.  OR even used a crowdfunding site, so people knew it was specifically for the Chimps, and could see how much has been raised to date.

I would also hope they take advantage of so many ideas for raising funds, that would appeal to different people.  With several ideas and several hours research, I came up with a lengthy list. Hopefully they will exhaust all options in this effort, so the Chimps can benefit asap!

In closing, I certainly hope that I don't see other things being built, before the Chimps get anything. I also hope to hear that this years Zoo Fest fundraiser is focused on raising funds for the Chimps.

Related links:

Meeting Presentation specifics and link to video:

Article that states the Zoo commitment to spending $250,000 for Upgrades:

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Donation - Fundraising - Upgrade ... Suggestion Submitted to Zoo Director

Early this Morning I sent an email to the Zoo Director Tanya Peterson.  Its been noted in my blogs many times that we are not fans of each other, so I'm not sure it will even be read.  That said, I did note to her, that this is not about her or I, but about the Chimps, requesting that she view my suggestions as I think they will be beneficial to the Chimps.

Below is the main  body of the email.  If there is anything you want to support or add, please take the time to email Director Peterson at   Thank you.

Director Peterson's presentation at last Thursdays' Joint Zoo Committee Meeting, noted that the Zoo would add Sky Trails to the current enclosure, as it was 'a cost efficient way to bring in additional space for them.  She then noted that the design for the new exhibit has a price tag of 10 million, which would need to put forth the largest fundraising campaign the Zoo has even done.'  I also read a news article that stated the dollar amount the Zoo committed to for upgrades would be $250,000. My suggestions reflect this information.

 > ,,, let me relay some suggestions about ground level work.  There are several things that I think need to be done more immediate than the Sky Trails, even though I hope to see a start to it all very soon.  

In order:
*Signage in regards to the Stress the Public are causing Cobby on a daily basis.
*Tree lined barrier to block Chimps direct visual line of the Public
*Examine the inside condition of Twigging box that appears to be rusty on the outside.
*Removal of the rusty structure in grotto 2
*Paint their house.

Additionally adding a man-made foraging mound, much like what is in the Anteaters exhibit would be wonderful.  As well, an attempt at filling in the moat area that connects grotto 2 and 3 and building a "bridge" that would allow these two grottos to become one large surface area.

The situation with Cobby being upset is out of control.  My suggestions of signage would include,  "In an effort to keep our Senior Chimps stress free, please do not call out, gesture or laugh at them" . Also posting a photo which I can provide of Cobby furred up and in sway motion, noting this is stressful behavior, would be ideal.  As well the use of Docents there, especially, but not limited to Weekend/Free Days, would be helpful.  Docents roam aimlessly, giving them a much needed position point would be the best use of their time.

The tree lined barrier addition as well is to reduce stress.  Much like what has been done at Snow Leopards, a tree lined barrier in which the Public can see the Chimps through the trees and of course without obstacle when they are on the grotto 1 structure.  This makes for a veiled view from the Chimps side, while still allowing the public to view them.  I think this would help greatly.  I thought of this a couple weeks ago, then while talking to John Alcaraz, the Chimps first Keeper and longtime Zoo Staffer, he brought it up as an idea as well.    I have read in the AZA Chimpanzee Manual, "..Visual barriers are important to block constant visual access to and from the public.."   So, this is something that should be implemented.

Another addition would be a heated element.  A member of the public suggested heat lamps much like at lemurs, but I'm not sure with their size and smarts that would work.  A heat rock like at Big Cats would.  I have researched it and it has been done for Chimps in other Zoos.

I know you have designated $250k to the upgrade and so I don't want to add in other stuff, so the suggestions I'm making are well thought as necessary.

I have had members of the public ask me how they can help the Chimps, in regard to donating.  

When I first started this crusade I thought to start a crowdfunding type effort, but I realize that I don't think I want to manage other peoples money that way.

I have several ideas for fundraising from your end and one that would be helpful to those I know who want to donate.

The Zoo might want to consider expanding their Adopt an Animal Program to Chimps.  Pre-order so you get those who have the Chimps on their minds right now.  Possibly adding things like a bow-tie, two different color flowers, to the Stuffies to allow for people to Adopt one or all of our Chimps, making the donation even greater for the 

Also, getting the Chimps to do some paint projects which can be used in different ways.  Auction the original, but take high quality photos of all the work to produce other items.  Note Cards, Shirts, Calendars, Mugs, ect.

This idea would be something the Primate Staff would need to work on.  I have seen this from other facilities (SFZoo started one in 2013 but its never been updated or promoted).  Via , items can be chosen and added to a Wish List.  Members of the public then purchase the specific items and they are sent to the Zoo via the retailer.  My idea is to create a list that is Specific to what the Chimps will need as far as Enrichment/Entertainment while they are inside during construction.  It should be a range of prices for all to be able to donate.  From Paint supplies, to DVDs, to other toys, puzzles, even higher end like a Tablet.  This is a great idea and should be put into motion. <

Hoping Director Peterson will implement some of these suggestions.  

Hoping the Zoo has set a plan in motion to start working on the Chimps current home.  Its been thirty years and is long over due!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chimpanzee Species Survival Plan - How it Works

As noted in my previous post, I plan to leave the Petition up indefinitely, to raise awareness for the Chimps.  As well it has almost reached its goal of 1000, so I'd like to see that number reached!

Reading through the comments has brought on tears since the beginning.  Thank you to everyone who put their thoughts to text.  I do want to mention that there were two recent comments in regards to the Chimpanzee Species Survival Plan Chairman, Steve Ross.   These comments while I understand were made out of frustration based on the information shown on the News piece.  I do want to clarify for those who may share the same feelings, as there is more to our Chimps personal situation in regard to the overall general information that was shown.

Our Chimps as a Group have always been four at relatively the same age range.  In Human terms, this would be like a Family of siblings who never married, never had children and now at grandparent age, are still just the four of them.  

We lost Tallulah, the oldest female in 2013.  When this happened, I myself thought, what happens as time goes on, will one be left alone?  The thought was heartbreaking, but while I shared this thought with others, at the time I didn't know there would HAVE to be a plan in place to ensure that didn't happen.

What the SSP is looking for, as Steve Ross stated, is for captive Chimpanzee Groups to reflect complete Generational tiers.  He noted it as "in the wild",  which is accurate, but maybe some as zoo visitors, like myself would say, but they aren't in the wild.  This I think is wear the misunderstanding happens and unless you do research or know a bit more about the Chimps as individuals, its not something you might think of.

So, with our Group now down to three, something had to be done eventually to build a group that would have longevity and keep on going as our Seniors left us.  That would mean adding to the group more Chimps of varying ages, to create a Family.  Grandparent aged (ours), Reproductive age, and Young.  This way, when our Group got down to one, they would not be alone.  

The reason the situation with Our Chimps got to where is was, was because Zoo Management ignored the Chimps for years, even decades.  By ignoring them and providing no upgrades, they made it impossible for Our Chimps to live out their lives at the SFZoo unless a new home was built for them. They never thought to the future, what would happen if we lost one.  Then we did.  This put them in the dwindling position and something needed to be done to make sure one was not left alone. Think about how heartbreaking that would be.  After losing Tallulah, Director Peterson seemingly made surface inquiries in regard to building a new home, then abandoned that in favor of other priorities, knowing very well that then the end result would be Our Chimps would have to go and she was apparently fine with that, as she made no motion to raise funds for them to have that new home.  So, the desperate situation these Chimps were put in was because of reckless Zoo Management over the course of 18 years.  

I started out trying to only illustrate how the Chimpanzee SSP works, and I digressed a bit.  I didn't intend to, but this has been really upsetting and the facts of the situation are part of why this played out as it did.  Thankfully, for whatever reason Director Peterson has done the right thing for these Chimps and they will live out their lives at the SFZoo.  

Please read Steve Ross bio and be sure to click on the CARE link within this pages text.

What Happens Next?! - Donating - Upgrades

First of all, thank you again to anyone who played a part in this Victory for the Chimps!

Many people have asked me what they can do to Help the Chimps in regard to donating.  I don't know what the Zoo has planned for that.  I have some ideas and have only had the time/energy to jot down some notes and do a bit of preliminary research.  I will post my idea here, as well submit them to the Zoo within the next week.  Some ideas are things we can do on our own, others are things the Zoo might look into doing.  

There are also some suggestions I want to put forth to the Zoo about the upgrade.  The addition of the Sky Trails is going to be wonderful, but there was no talk of what will happen at ground level and there are things that need to be tended to that I don't want to see ignored.  Again need time/energy to organize my thoughts and attempt to make a drawing.

I plan to leave the Petition up indefinitely, to raise awareness for the Chimps.  As well it has almost reached its goal of 1000, so I'd like to see that number reached!

Please keep following this blog or me on Twitter for updates as they happen!

Thank you again, for being a part of making this happen for Our Chimp Friends!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

KGO-TV News Piece - Thursday 2.16.15

Gosh I just realized I didn't post the link to the News piece that aired the night of the Chimps Stay Decision!

Good Day to be a Chimp at the San Francisco Zoo!
Tears and Cheers!

Congratulatory Video! - Chimps Hear the News!

Sorry for the delay in posting this exclusive Congratulatory video I took a couple hours after the announcement.  So exhausted from the week. ... I got to Zoo right before closing and spent about a half hour with them before the Joint Zoo Meeting and gave them the Wonderful News!

You're Staying Home!