Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sky Trail Project - Video View - Project On Hold

Many have asked me about the photos in Director Peterson's presentation regarding the proposed Expansion from the current Chimpanzee Exhibit, Triple Grotto, using a Sky Trail into the west side of the Pachyderm Building.

SFZoo photo showing area in the Pachyderm Building 
to be used as additional housing, 
allowing Zoo to increase the size of our Group.

You can read my post about this here:

I took this video a few months ago, and never got to posting it.  Now I have a series of them, so I think its actually better timing.

Hope this helps understand what the Zoo plans to do.  

Note that this was presented at the March 2015 Joint Zoo Committee Meeting, one month after Committing to Keeping the Chimpanzees to Live out their Lives in the only home they have ever known.  Committing to Upgrading and Expanding their Current Home to provide them more Environmental Enrichment and to Expand their Group Size Securing their Future at the San Francisco Zoo.  

Further note that five months later, plans to back burner this project in favor of building a New Exhibit, for Sifaka Lemurs, an Animal the Zoo Does Not even Have yet, were revealed at the July Joint Zoo Committee Meeting.

Not one Person on the Joint Zoo Committee Panel questioned this.  One of the responsibilities of The Joint Zoo Committee Panel is to Yay or Nay proposed Acquisitions.  They Never question anything.

Minnie, Maggie and Cobby continue to Wait.  They have Waited Thirty Years.

This shows the level of Priority the Chimps still have in the Minds of San Francisco Zoo Director Tanya Peterson, the San Francisco Zoological Society Board and Members, and the San Francisco Recreation and Park Joint Zoo Committee Members.

I questioned Director Peterson about her decision to back burner the Chimps in favor of the Sifaka Lemurs.  The "conversation" is detailed in this post:

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