Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Birthday to Our Precious Chimp Girls Maggie and Minnie!!

Tomorrow, April 25th, marks these Lovely Ladies Birthday's!! 

 Happy 46th Birthday Minnie!

Happy 46th Birthday Maggie!

Both these sweeties were born in 1969 and came to the Zoo before their first birthday in 1970.  After being taken from their Mothers in the wild, they became part of the Exotic Pet Trade and sold to the Zoo.  April 25th is probably the date they arrived at the San Francisco Zoo and therefore became the date listed as their Birthday.

I am careful not to use the word "celebrate", as until the day passes, it is unclear whether or not, these Girls will be given anything special to celebrate their day.  Most SFZoo Friends Birthdays sadly go unrecognized.

How about it San Francisco Zoo, Will you give the Chimp Family some Special Birthday Enrichment to Recognize and Celebrate these Ladies 46th Birthday?

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  1. I sure hope so! Love these chimps and it is so nice to make zoo visitors aware of how special they are.
    Joanne Tanner


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