Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blog Update

Instead of the ongoing silence on my blogs, I wanted to at least post something, to let everyone know I'm still out here and still keeping my eye on Zoo Happenings.

Everyday for near two months, I have sat at the computer, trying to work on the long list (over a dozen, maybe nearing two) of blog posts I have in draft.  Chimp Updates, Visit Notes, Joint Zoo Meeting Reports, Topics of Issue,... So many things, and for some reason I just haven't been able to get any of them done.  

It may seem like an easy task, just write my thoughts and hit publish, but its not that easy for me. Writing these posts takes alot of time and energy.  I like to post in chronological order when I can.  I like to make sure to include photos and links, to support/supplement what I'm writing about.  Most of the time these are issues of extreme irritation and frustration, so I get pretty worked up.  That all said, I'm passionate about the Zoo Friends and it means alot to me to document the things I do.   This is something I will never give up on, because I will never give up on the Animals.  

Please continue to support my efforts by checking in.  I hope to move forward with a spurt of energy, I'm just waiting for it to hit!

Thank you to all who visit my blogs.


I have been posting pix and videos on my Chimp Facebook Group :)

Recently posted this wonderful capture of Cobby, Minnie and Maggie :)

and Animal Birthdays on my Zoo Friend Group :)

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