Saturday, March 7, 2015

Will the Chimps get an Upgrade OR New Home - I Thought Both!?

The Zoo posted a link on their Facebook to this Donation Page on Thursday.

There has already been some questions by members of the public, as well as myself.

I'm all for any kind of fundraising for the Chimps.  The text is just curious, as I previously (most recent, Wednesday's post) wrote the Director's Presentation at the Meeting, in regard to the Chimps staying, stated that ... the Zoo would add Sky Trails to the current enclosure, as it was 'a cost efficient way to bring in additional space for them.  She then noted that the design for the new exhibit has a price tag of 10 million, which would need to put forth the largest fundraising campaign the Zoo has even done.' Additionally noting that the Zoo would turn to the public for help.  I also read a news article that stated the dollar amount the Zoo committed to for upgrades would be $250,000.  

To me, this Donation Page text reads like the Zoo is fundraising for the Upgrade, with commitment to the New Exhibit pending how much is raised.  This seems to clearly be an "OR" instead of an "AND".  As I stated, I understood the presentation information to mean that the Zoo had committed to Upgrading using current funds (assumed in place already) and that any fundraising would be toward the New Exhibit.  

I understand that funds are hard to come by, but I also have read the Zoo has money, which makes sense when I see all these other things being built, so using funds they already have seemed logical for the upgrades and trying to raise the 10 million for the new exhibit seemed what was going to happen.  Now it seems like they are fundraising for upgrades.  

Got to admit, when I heard they were designating money for the upgrades, I was giving Kudos to them, considering the Zoo has neglected the Chimps home for thirty years, I took this to be a generous gesture. So, at this point I'm anxious to hear more about this and see how this plays out.

Also, the member of the public question was in regard to whether this fundraising page was specifically for the Chimps or a general help the Animals fund?  .. The Zoo has not answered that person yet.  They need to clear that up soon, otherwise there will be people hesitant to donate.

It would be nice if they designated a specifically for Chimps page that would generate a "raised so far" tally.  OR even used a crowdfunding site, so people knew it was specifically for the Chimps, and could see how much has been raised to date.

I would also hope they take advantage of so many ideas for raising funds, that would appeal to different people.  With several ideas and several hours research, I came up with a lengthy list. Hopefully they will exhaust all options in this effort, so the Chimps can benefit asap!

In closing, I certainly hope that I don't see other things being built, before the Chimps get anything. I also hope to hear that this years Zoo Fest fundraiser is focused on raising funds for the Chimps.

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