Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What Happens Next?! - Donating - Upgrades

First of all, thank you again to anyone who played a part in this Victory for the Chimps!

Many people have asked me what they can do to Help the Chimps in regard to donating.  I don't know what the Zoo has planned for that.  I have some ideas and have only had the time/energy to jot down some notes and do a bit of preliminary research.  I will post my idea here, as well submit them to the Zoo within the next week.  Some ideas are things we can do on our own, others are things the Zoo might look into doing.  

There are also some suggestions I want to put forth to the Zoo about the upgrade.  The addition of the Sky Trails is going to be wonderful, but there was no talk of what will happen at ground level and there are things that need to be tended to that I don't want to see ignored.  Again need time/energy to organize my thoughts and attempt to make a drawing.

I plan to leave the Petition up indefinitely, to raise awareness for the Chimps.  As well it has almost reached its goal of 1000, so I'd like to see that number reached!

Please keep following this blog or me on Twitter for updates as they happen!

Thank you again, for being a part of making this happen for Our Chimp Friends!

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