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Million Dollar Donation for Chimps! - News Article 3.13.15

“It is with great pride and humility that I announce a gift of $1 million to our Zoo,” said Peterson. “A donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has committed money to improve our existing chimpanzee facility as well as prepare for the arrival of future great apes.”

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Well, this is great news!   A BIG Thank You!   to the Donor!  You are making a difference in these Chimps lives!   

A BIG Thank You also, to every Member of the Public who has visited the Zoo's fundraising page and made a personal donation to help the Chimps!  

Whether it One Dollar or a Million, they can't get to the final destination without everyone's help.

I was also glad to read of the involvement of the San Francisco Giants with helping to raise funds.  I had hoped since the Zoo loves its local Sports Teams, that Director Peterson would tap into those funding opportunities and the Teams and their Players would respond in support of our City's Animal Residents.  

I inquired to this years ZooFest theme with no luck (no surprise), so its good to finally read it in this article.  Not sure I get it, but if it helps raise money...  I will say the "Fund-a-Need" (per the ZooFest page) is the Zoo's Wellness Center.  I hope that's changed and it will have a focus on the urgency of the Chimps needs.   I might just have to go and check that out for myself!

I have to say, this printed information makes me a bit uncomfortable.

> According to Peterson, this anonymous donor’s favorite primate is actually the Orangutan. But if the Zoo does not have access to future Chimpanzees, this donor hopes the revamped space is filled with other primate species.
“This donor understands we participate in species’ survival plans as well as provide homes for animals-in-need,” Peterson continued. “It is the hope of this very generous donor that her gift allows the Zoo to continue to be a leader in primate care, particularly with great apes.” <
I'm not trying to nit pick, but I am keeping my eyes and ears on this situation very closely.  Also note, that this is in no way meant to be ungrateful to the Donor.  

The Chimps staying at the SFZoo (if the Zoo intends to keep them for the duration of all three of their lives and keep its accreditation), relies on the Zoo eventually bringing in more Chimpanzees.  The group must be expanded by the time our three go down in numbers to two.  Of course I am hoping we have many, many years til that happens, but the fact is, if that happens and the Zoo does not have an enclosure that meets the AZA/SSP standards to bring in additional Chimps, our Chimps will again be faced with the same eviction issue.  Unless the Zoo is willing to give up its accreditation for our Chimps lifespan.  I hope that the Chimps staying, is a commitment regardless whatever obstacle may be presented.  

I note this because I know that any upgrades to the current enclosure, will be an "in the meantime" perk for them.  Much needed!  as they have gone without for decades, but it will not be an "up to standard"  upgrade.  So, we need them to have a new exhibit ASAP!

So, the notation of "not having access to future Chimps, is a concern.  As well, noting Orangutans in the same sentence, knowing that Director Peterson already had an alleged plan in place to bring in Orangutans after she kicked out the Chimps, bothers me.

The Zoo needs to issue a plan of action statement.

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  1. I agree with what you stated. Thank you anon donor, your generosity is appreciated and you will see it in Cobby,Minnie and Maggies eyes when they see new things to explore.


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