Saturday, March 14, 2015

SFZoo Plan of Action for Chimp Upgrade! - Can We Get One?

I ended the last post saying I think the Zoo needs to issue a Plan of Action.

I have held off blogging about the lack of updates from the Zoo, choosing to wait until a month had passed since the meeting.  Giving them a chance to get the ball rolling.  Even though I'm more than anxious to see some things start to change for the Chimps right now.  But, since I posted about the article, I might as well post what's on my mind.

Those things are what I feel extremely necessary and I sent those suggestions to Director Peterson as well I've posted them on this blog.

* Tree lines Barrier to obscure direct visual connection between Chimps and Public.  This would help limit the amount of upset caused to Senior male Cobby.

* Signage detailing upset behavior and guidelines for visitors while at the Chimp exhibit, especially if they notice upset behavior being displayed.  This would deter some of the misbehavior that accelerates the upset to the Chimps.

* Chimp house painting.  Simple thing, yet hasn't been done in years.  I'm tired of seeing the paint peeling worse and worse every time I go there.  Aesthetic, sure, but it hows a complete lack of respect.

As of last week, two weeks since the Meeting, not a brush of paint, not one tree, or one sign.

I think, the Zoo should issue a Plan of Action.  Considering the Zoo is soliciting funds for the Chimps via their website, I'm sure Members of the Public would be interested.

As I reported after the Joint Zoo Meeting announcement, that my interpretation of the plan was:  the Zoo would upgrade the Chimps existing home (with what sounded like existing funds), noting the addition of Sky Trails.  Then launch a fundraising effort for a new exhibit, the Chimp Forest,  ... I read in a news article that the Zoo had designated 250k for the upgrade project, which lend to my interpretation of use of existing funds.

Then the Zoo launched its web based fundraising campaign, that seemed to be geared only toward the new exhibit.  So, it was unclear whether they had planned to upgrade until funds were raised for that as well?

From the news article yesterday, it seems that the Million Dollar donation will be used to upgrade. 

Obviously the plan is to upgrade first.  I'd like to know, what the time frame is for that and what exactly will be done and in what order.  

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  1. I agree,they should announce a plan or at least let us see some even basic upgrades being set in place. I cant wait to see color in th e exhibit and someone please get rid of that old giants graffiti.


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