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2012 - Commissioner in Favor of Rescue Acquisitions & Welfare of Existing Animals

While doing some research for this situation, I came across this interesting dialog from one of the Commission Meetings in 2012.

Interesting that Commissioner Sally Stephens, refers to suggesting the Zoo "emphasis on rescue animals in new acquisitions,.. welfare of existing animals".  

Both ideas that are not at the forefront of the Zoo's MO.   As well, it seems to definitely lend favor to my suggestion that the Recreation and Park, mandate that the Zoo suspend new non-rescue acquisitions and look to Rescue the Chimps living in a Lab at UCSF.  Both in an overall plan to Keep Our Chimps here.

I have both been to Meetings and read all the Minutes and over the years there has been suggestions made, questions asked,  by panel members and still the Zoo continues to operate without taking those into action.  I am curious why that is?

I finally found her email contact in my archives. It is now listed on the letter writing post.

> Comr. Stephens – Several years ago, this Commission took a critical look at the zoo and had some serious concerns. Since then, there have been changes at the zoo. We had suggested an emphasis on rescue animals in new acquisitions. We also supported an emphasis on wellness and welfare of existing animals.

Comr. Gerrie – What would it look like if the zoos were to support the sanctuaries?

Dr. Terry Maple – Zoos cannot be sanctuaries but should be interested in the sanctuary movement. Zoos should work much more with humane organizations. We could help each other. I work with great ape sanctuaries. They are costly. It would be difficult to operate a zoo just as a sanctuary. We can help one another. We could have joint fund-raising efforts. Zoos in their biodiversity perform a very important function. But you need to be selective. The Detroit Zoo holds an adopt-a-thon for dogs and cats. We could do that here too.

Comr. Gerrie – Sanctuaries seem like they would be more cost effective because you don’t have to display them to the public as in zoos.

Dr. Terry Maple – That is the concept but so many are failing. That doesn’t work that way in practice. Zoos are better in business and should share their expertise with sanctuaries.<

end snips.

As well interesting that Dr Maples talks in detail his feelings about Zoos and Sanctuaries, and of them working together.

That said, goes with another initial thought of mine on the Move, one would think that the Zoo should be even more willing to work to keep our Chimps at Home, not only because its the morally right thing to do, but with all the Chimps in Labs waiting for Homes, sending ours to another facility would mean taking up three spaces that are desperately needed for Chimps still living in cages at research labs.

This meeting took place in 2012 when Dr Terry Maples first came to Zoo.  I have written in post that I don't think he did much for the Zoo, especially after the Gorilla Tragedy, it seemed in hindsight that he completely missed acknowledging and working on fixing key exisiting issues at the Gorilla complex.  In reading this I see dreams of granduer that never materialized. Especialy in regard to the Hippo.  

I also see that top level in Animal Care David Bocian didn't even know our senior Rhino was female. UG.

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