Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bear With Me! ....

Hello to all those who are visiting my blog!  Thank you for your interest and comments!  I very much appreciate that finally the masses have found my little effort to be a voice for My San Francisco Zoo Friends.

Its been a long day, work, as well as taking constant notes for tonight's (hopefully!) posts.  I have many new thoughts, and realizations I want to share.  This minute as I just sat down, I have stuff coming from all angles, so I have to get to it all, organize my thoughts and start writing.  

To those who have posted comments here, I always reply to blog comments, sometimes I get delayed, but with this situation being so time sensitive, I will try to reply to those as well tonight.  If I don't get to everything tonight, will finish in the morning.  

So, thank you again.  Please check back, or follow the blog, OR on Twitter.  I have just made a new Twitter for this cause >  savesfzoochimps   All posts made here will be posted to Twitter.  

If anyone has any ideas themselves, please post them in the comment area.  As well if anyone wants to write expanded comments, I am considering having "guest authors".

Thank you again!  and Let's Save Our Chimps!

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