Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Money, Money, Money! - Does The SFZoo Have Any For The Chimps?

Three instances involving Money, that sadly won't benefit Our Zoo Chimps.

I found out on Thursdays visit that the new Children's play Structures that I noted previously, allegedly cost over one million dollars!  I also heard the Zoo was originally going to pay even more for them.  I'm curious where this money came from?  From what I understand, the Playground rebuild two years ago, was from money designated for that from the Estate of Elinor Friend.  I also heard they ran out of that money and had to raise funds to finish the playground.  That said, this million could not be "left over".  SO, why is the Zoo spending money to build more play areas for Humans?   Why do we even need that?  Why are the Chimps once again NOT on the to do list?  

I also remembered to take a closer look at this donation barrel in the gift shop.  Pretty hypocritical wording.  Help Us Help Chimps.  They don't even HELP their own Chimps!?  WTF?  Are they kidding me.  Maybe I need to contact Jane Goodall and see what she thinks of this Kicking the Chimps out BS!  

Was looking for something on the Zoo site and saw this event.  So, another fundraising event.  Will this one benefit the Chimps?  Will it actually benefit any current Animal in need or will it fund bringing in more new and shiny?   .. I have written to the event chair to ask.  I also asked if they were aware of the current issue with Chimps, including the link to this blog.  In addition noticing that the San Francisco Zoological Society Board Chair Robert Pedrero and his wife are on the Host Committee, lets see if they have anything to say about the Chimps.

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