Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Only Doable Solution to Save San Francisco Zoo Chimps!

My previous post ended with these two paragraphs:

The message that the San Francisco Zoo doesn't have FINAL say, is a tough one.  Its true in the sense that the SSP/AZA combo of what they feel is the ideal social grouping for Chimpanzees in captivity is the catalyst and eventual officials that are in position to enforce those ideals.  BUT The San Francisco Zoo has the bottom line choice as stated in the piece.  The Zoo can decide and commit right now to Keeping the Chimps.  Its up to them whether they want to do what it takes to raise funds to build them a new home.  

My last words were ".. so much more can be done for them, they don't have to move to get that".   No words ever truer.

SO, What is the only Doable Solution to Keeping Out Chimps in SF?

*San Francisco Zoo commits to building new Chimp Home.
*Chimps are allowed to Stay in SF as long as maintain current group size.
*After New Exhibit built, additional Chimps added to Group.

I believe and from what I understand, I'm near 100% certain that the only doable solution to Keeping Our Chimps in San Francisco, is they must get a New Home.

Prior to the KGO-TV news story I thought based on all I could figure about the situation at the time, was that by making upgrades to their current home (exhibit) would be enough to allow for them to expand the group size to meet SSP/AZA regulations.  I now think its going to take more.

It seems that the amount of money to upgrade would be very costly and while I did think that it could be done while the Chimps were still living there, I don't think that any longer.

I thought that taking down that awful rusted structure in the second grotto and connecting the second and third grottos to create a larger surface area for them, in addition to giving them some new foraging mounds, and trees would be enough.  After doing some additional research I think its going to take way more.

The San Francisco Zoo is going to have to commit and do it soon, to building the Chimps a New Home on the Zoo Grounds.

I have heard that Director Peterson allegedly has it in her plan to build a version of the Great Ape Forest that was voted in by City Residents via a Bond in 1997.  I can only imagine she has the plan to put it in the place where the current Chimp home sits.  She would have to do something with that area as its a main focal area of the Zoo and if the Chimps are gone, its got to be redone as a priority.  That area could not sit there fenced off for long.

The only doable scenario is that the Zoo gives the confirmation to the SSP/AZA that a new exhibit will be constructed.  The SSP/AZA would more than likely be agreeable to extending time for this to happen, as long as our Chimp Group does not reduce in numbers before completion.  If this is done, our Chimps can stay and the Zoo would not have to bring in additional Chimps until the completion of the New Exhibit.

*San Francisco Zoo commits to building new Chimp Home.
*Chimps are allowed to Stay in SF as long as maintain current group size.
*After New Exhibit built, additional Chimps added to Group.

This can work!  ...  Additionally, the small changes to their current home should still take place. That rusty structure has to come down, and they have to get a new twigging/foraging mound.  AND most important, a new barrier that includes distraction trees so that Visitors don't upset Cobby on a daily basis.

My editorial comments about this to come.  I just needed to get this written before leaving for the day as I think its important information to have out there before the Meeting tonight!

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