Sunday, February 8, 2015

SFZoo Make a Public Statement - Call To Action!

I think I'm tired, make that i KNOW i'm tired! of writing posts based on filling in the blanks.  

The San Francisco Zoo needs to make a public statement in regard to them Kicking the Elderly Chimps out.  

As it stands, with no word coming out of the Zoo about this, or posted at the Chimp enclosure, it all seems very hush and like the Zoo is trying to sneak them out without any attention, most likely because they know they have done wrong by the Chimps for many years.  Yes, many Animals have been moved out before, but this is different.  These Chimps have lived there for 45+ years.  Many people come to visit them regularly.  Many, like myself have grown up with these Chimps.  

The Zoo is City owned and the Residents of San Francisco have the Right to an Official Statement in regard to the Chimpanzees.

This is a Call To Action to Zoo Director Tanya Peterson.  

We want to know WHY this is happening?

Is this move a personal agenda?

Is this move mandated by the AZA guideline?

Why haven't you made it a priority at anytime during your reign (2008-present) to show the Chimps any attention?  Upgrade their home?  Make good on the 1997 City Voter approved new exhibit, before building other new areas and bringing in new Animals?

Why isn't upgrading and/or building a new home an option in an effort to Keep Our Chimps Home?

Where do you plan to send them?

When is their proposed move date?

We don't want to come there one day and find they are gone.  I'm sure that is what you hope to achieve by not saying a word on this.  I plan to continue making noise about this, so you might as well make a statement.

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