Thursday, February 26, 2015

KGO-TV News Story Thank You's! - We Want Our Chimps To Stay!

In case you haven't seen the News piece yet, or want to watch it again, here is the link:

It has been really busy for me since the story aired.  The Petition has boomed!  We are near our initial goal!  So keep sharing and networking it, this blog, our Facebook Group, and we are now on Twitter!  Whatever effort you can put out that keeps this situation alive, will Help Our Chimps!  They need to Stay in San Francisco, and the only way that can happen in addition to the San Francisco Zoological Society and its Donors stepping up and providing funds, is Our Efforts to show them We Want The Chimps To Stay!  

I have to start by giving Thanks.  I have been blogging about San Francisco Zoo related issues for near four years and only now are people listening.  To date, my main blog has gotten over 60,00 page views, but only about a dozen steady supporters commenting.  With this passion project, I was lucky that everything aligned and I knew the right people to make bring this story to the masses.

Thank you to my friend Lila Talcott Travis.  Without her KGO-TV connection, I would not have got this story and my crusade for Cobby, Maggie and Minnie out.  She literally grew up at the Zoo.  She has an amazing story and has dedicated her life to helping Animals.  She and a group of friends who cared, crusaded and fought for a Better San Francisco Zoo for over twenty years.  ... Please visit her Wildlife Rescue site at

Thank you to Tracy Oppenheimer from KGO-TV who worked with me to get this story ready. Without your interest and ear, the story would not have gotten to done.

Thank you to KGO-TV I-Team reporter Dan Noyes.  Your interest in San Francisco Zoo issues is impressive.  I have tried in the past to get the Media's attention to Zoo issues and no one cared.  I'm glad that we have connected and you cared to bring attention to the Chimps Story.

Thank you to my friend John Alcaraz.  A true treasure.  John has had a long, interesting and wonderful life, that has been filled with a true passion for Animals.  You saw the love in his interview that he still has for the Chimps, the only remaining Animals at the Zoo who were in his care.  His words added so much to this piece.

Thank you to all my friends who have taken the time to support this in whatever way they could, writing letters, signing, sharing, commenting, ect.  You were the root of keeping this issue alive. There are too many to name.  Some who want to remain anonymous.  You know who you are, and you are a big part of this!

Thank you to everyone who I don't know who is doing what they can to help.  All the new people who have found this blog, and issue, I am grateful for your support, comments, and ideas.  We still got a fight on our hands to Keep Our Chimps!  

Thank you to Cobby, Maggie and Minnie for being a part of my life.


  1. Thanks Dan Noyes and everyone else who was involved in getting this story on I noticed that the park in Florida has a variety of garbage all over the place. At least one of the chimpanzees was handling plastic. Maybe Dr. Jane Goodall and Leonardo DiCaprio could speak out about all of this.

  2. @Anonymous - Thank you for your comment. I apologize for the delay in replies to all comments. I worked hard to present the information in all aspects of Networking this situation. That left me exhausted, but it was all worth it. I'm here now to post replies. Will do my best to do so in hindsight of the Victory! ... Thank you for this. I too Thank Dan for taking an interest in this story. If he had not, this story would have been another issue I posted endlessly about that never got the attention needed. Much like my crusade to get the Andean Bear some grass. This Victory is for Wishbone too. Another Animal that the Zoo let down. It is because of the News piece that a light has been shined on the Zoo again and hopefully members of the public will take closer looks at what's going on there and be a voice for the Animals in the future. ... FYI I wrote to Dr Jane about our Chimps, who she has met. Haven't got a reply even from her people yet.


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