Thursday, February 19, 2015

Interesting Read Regarding Chimps - Move Integration and Territorial Character

I discovered the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest on Facebook several years ago.  Since then I have followed the Residents there and have been lucky enough to have provided them with some Enrichment Toys I made.

There was a recent news article about the Sanctuary opening to Visitors. Aside from wishing this place was closer, I found some interesting info that pertained to concerns I have noted about our Chimps moving.

In addition to my primary concern that moving Our Senior Chimps because of age, I am worried about our Male Cobby, who has been the only Male in his group.  That is 47 years that he has not lived with another Male Chimpanzee.  

from article:

> "Part of expanding would mean adding an integration space because integrating adult chimpanzees with each other can be difficult.  “It can be a little complicated. … Chimps are really territorial,” ..." <
This statement feeds into my concerns.  It bothers me that instead of making the necessary upgrades to bring in additional Females to the San Francisco Zoo, that Director Peterson and her management advisers would choose to send them to another place and let Cobby most definitely be placed in groups with established Males.  He could lose his life.
In my opinion Director Peterson doesn't care about this as a possibility.  She only cares about kicking them out so she can bring in a new Animal and build them a new Exhibit.  Her Personal Mission has proven to be NEW and SHINY

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