Wednesday, February 25, 2015

ZOO Meeting THIS Thursday @ Zoo! - Please try to attend!

WHAT:  Joint Zoo Committee Meeting THIS Thursday February 25, 2015  
WHEN/WHERE:   5pm in the Education Building at the Zoo.  Parking Lot free.

I will post about the News piece tomorrow.  I'm exhausted!  Been a long day spent at the Zoo and working on Networking this piece prior to airing, on two hours of sleep!  So Stay Tuned!  This ain't over and we have alot of work to do!  THAT is why I'm posting this info quick before I pass out, since its less than 48 hrs away.  Please if you can, try to come to the Meeting.  Show your support! I'd love to do a rally, but such short notice, not sure how many we could get???  There has been over 300 new page views, past 24 hrs and tons of new Petition Signatures and great comments.  If you can come and would also like to be a part of a rally, please post a comment here.

More tomorrow!  Thank you to everyone!

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