Sunday, February 22, 2015

Petition Update! - One Week = Half Way to Initial Goal!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to sign this Petition!  By signing this, you are being a voice for the San Francisco Zoo Chimps.

There haven't been many comments, but I want to post the ones that there were.

#1 kimberly leo - These Chimps are very dear to me. I grew up visiting them my whole life. Most SFZoo Visitors don't realize, these are the same Chimp Family that they have seen there always. ... The San Francisco Zoo has not had them as a priority and that's not their fault. They should be able to live out their lives in the home they know.

#9 Lee Anderson - I feel very strongly that the chimps should not be moved. They are elderly and have lived at the zoo with eachother for almost a half century.

#18 Kathy Cokus - The director is an asshole who only cares about making money, not animals; however, it the three could be moved to a large sanctuary and stay together, they may be a lot happier. I don't thing the asshole is going to do anything to help them. May asshole Peterson begin living in their dilapidated enclosure and get tetanus from the rust! 

#83 Name not displayed - Tonya, you will kill the chimps if you displace them from their home after all these years. Do you not have any empathy for the animals your policies affect? This is typical of the new San Francisco. We're even gentrifying the zoo! Unbelievable.

#215 P. Smith - Kimberly, the question is: will they remain together? Will they be put in a sanctuary? It both of those are the future, that's kindness. If the zoo is bring uncaring, shame on them. I would agree with you on that. There is every evidence that imprisoned animals put into sanctuaries bounce back fast!!! They love it!

#376 Name not displayed - Sounds like cruel and unusual punishment for these aged chimps. They deserve to stay at the SF Zoo.

Keep on signing and sharing!  Thank You!


  1. I am excited on the signatures, I signed and commented. I know tons of people, esp those that work at the zoo have read this blog. I do not understand why they do not sign....I just don't get it. They can even do anon, so PLEASE sign's so very important. The chimps lives depend on this.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I apologize for the delay in replies to all comments. I worked hard to present the information in all aspects of Networking this situation. That left me exhausted, but it was all worth it. I'm here now to post replies. Will do my best to do so in hindsight of the Victory! ... YES! Seeing the comments and hearing how much people love the Chimps and are outraged as well is wonderful and affirming to this plight. .. Again, you are right to note that Zoo Staff can get involved using the Anon option on the blog and the Name withheld option on the Petition. Its for the Chimps!


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