Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day! - Show Our Chimps Some LOVE!

I've started a Petition.  Please sign and share and Help Keep Our Chimps Home!

The San Francisco Zoo has yet to make a public statement about their plan to Move Our Three Senior Chimps to another facility. That said, Staff have shared that there is indeed a plan and its no secret. Why do I want this stopped?

The SFZoo Chimpanzees have lived at the Zoo for 45 years +. All taken from the wild as infants. For two, the SFZoo is the only home they have ever known. They are aged 57, 45, and 45. At this stage in their life, I feel moving them would be traumatic.

In addition to it being Traumatic, it is also a Disgrace, as the San Francisco Zoo has let them down.

They have lived in the same enclosure since arriving at the Zoo. Starting in 1968, our Male arrived when the Triple Grotto first opened. There have only been two upgrades since. The last in mid 1980s. ... In 1997 the Residents of San Francisco voted in Tax Bond Money for the Zoo, one new exhibit specifically was the Great Ape Forest. After misappropriating the funds, the Chimps new home was never built. The money never replaced. The Chimps off the to do list.

During Directors Peterson's reign, we have seen her authorize to not only build party areas, but continue to and still planning to, bring in more non-rescued Animals and build new exhibits for them. The Chimps sit by an wait in a home with peeling paint and a rusted play structure.

Now, from what I hear the Chimps are faced with possibly being moved, because of possible group size and enclosure requirements by the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums). If the San Francisco Zoo had done right by these Chimps all along, instead of ignoring them and favoring the "shiny and new", this would not be happening.
Some might say they would be better off if the above is true.  In my opinion,that could then be said of every disrespected Animal at the SFZoo.  Admittedly, if age wasn't a factor, maybe, but it is the foremost factor now.  I also believe that Director Peterson and the SFZoo authoritative management (San Francisco Zoological Society and San Francisco Recreation and Park) should not get away with years of ignoring and be held responsible for this current situation.

This is a Call to Action for the San Francisco Zoo Director, to:

*Halt any plan to bring in new non-rescue Animals in dire need.

*Upgrade their existing home, so they can bring in two additional females.

*Build the new Chimpanzee home they and the Residents of San Francisco, were promised 18 years ago.

By signing this petition, I hope we can shine light on this situation and Stop This Move.  SO, Our Senior Chimps can live out their lives in the place they know as home. Please sign, share and Help Save Our Chimps.

Thank you ... also find us on Facebook!

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