Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Help Save SFZoo Chimps! - Letter Writing Campaign Call to Action!

Please Help the Chimps, by being their voice.  Reach out to those on this list or anyone else you can think of.  Express your opinion about Director Peterson's decision to Kick Out Our Chimps.  

I am posting this as a Call to Action Letter Writing Campaign, although earlier discussions we batted about the idea of sending Bananas to the Zoo, to make a point.  FYI for purists, I know Banana's are a symbol for Monkeys, not Apes, but it was the only relate-able item we could think of!

For those of you who want to write letters, I plan to write a post that is a synopsis of the information I've posted to date.  You are welcome to use it as a guideline.  Thank you for any effort you can put into this situation.  Please remember that the Chimps are set to move sometime over the next month and a half, so this is a time sensitive issue.

Yesterday I started compiling contact information of people who are in an authoritative position over San Francisco Zoo Director Tanya Peterson. ...  I do know many Zoo Staff and other Zoo related entities read my blogs, so if you have any other contacts (or corrected addresses or anything else for that matter) please comment or you can contact me directly ( with that information.  Thank you.

Remember its important, even if its to post a letter the old fashioned way, to contact these people because they don't read my blog, so therefore they only know what they are told by Director Peterson.  ..  They may not even know what's going on.  They may not know there is/was a way to keep the Chimps.  They don't go to the Zoo, most likely they have never been told that the Chimps home has been in need for years, ect. OR maybe they do and its jsut a case of NO ONE CARES!? :(

I will start by providing again the contact information for Zoo Director Peterson.  Since she has not made any public statement about her decision to move the Chimps, you may have questions for her directly.

Tanya Peterson - San Francisco Zoo Director
1 Zoo Rd
San Francisco, CA 94132

Robert Pedrero - San Francisco Zoological Society Chairman (unconfirmed address but worth a try)
c/o Golf Insider
3310 Baker St San Francisco, CA 94123

David Stanton - San Francisco Zoological Society Member and former Chairman
c/o Francisco Partners
One Letterman Drive
Building C - Suite 410
San Francisco, CA 94129

San Francisco Recreation and Park
I plan to use this as a general contact
and for General Manager Phil Ginsburg

Mark Buell - San Francisco Recreation and Park President
P.O. Box 29921, 
San Francisco, CA, 94129, US

Allan Low - San Francisco Recreation and Park Vice President

Eric McDonnell - Recreation and Park Commissioner
(Note I've seen this guy with Tanya during the Gorilla Tragedy, as well as a spokesperson in Media)

Meagan Levitan - Recreation and Park Commissioner
(Bio was appealing as a contact for this issue)

To tailor your appeal, bio's for Rec and Park Commissioners can be found at - along with the Office address if you prefer.  ...  There are more, I just picked two I thought were top choices for the reasons I stated.  Many are San Francisco Natives, therefore most likely grew up going to the Zoo and like me, have seen these Chimps through their own lifetime.

Last but not least, the Mayor.  The San Francisco Zoo is owned by the City, even though it is managed by the Zoological Society, it still must answer to the City via the Rec and Park.

Edwin Lee - San Francisco Mayor
City Hall, 
Room 200,
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102
Telephone: (415) 554-6141
Fax: (415) 554-6160

Other people who may be interested and/or have some pull:

Sally Stephens - Joint Zoo Committee Meeting Panelist/ SF Animal Care and Control Chairman 

Norman Yee - District 7 Supervisor

Tad Taube - one of the Zoo's major Donors 
Taube Philanthropies 
1050 Ralston Avenue
Belmont, CA 94002

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