Thursday, February 5, 2015

Our Male Chimp at 57 is Like Your 90 Year Old Grandpa!

Someone reminded me of these two News Articles about our Cobby (Male Chimp).  Both articles are about separate health check-ups he has had, one from 2002 and the other from 2010.   I'm posting them because in both articles San Francisco Staff references his (Chimpanzees) age in relation to Humans.  

From the 2002 Article:

> "To say that Cobby -- who, at 46 years old, is in grandpa chimp age range "   ....  "He's a wonderful, sweet, gentle male, very protective of his females and very intelligent," Keeper Hamburger said as she watched like a nervous sister throughout the three-hour checkup. "He's a treasure."  ... "The magnificence of these four creatures will be even easier to appreciate in 2004, when the zoo's $10 million Great Ape Forest opens, giving Cobby's bunch, the orangutans and siamangs a 35,000-square-foot playland to preen in.  ... "It will be so exciting, my life's dream," Hamburger said, waving her hands.  "And nobody could deserve it more than these chimpanzees. They are real survivors after all they went through to get here." <

From the 2010 Article:

>"At age 52, Cobby is the oldest male chimp in an accredited zoo in the United States and Europe, and Jacqueline Jencek chief of veterinary services for the San Francisco Zoo, where Cobby lives, ... " ... "We're pretty proud he's the oldest," she said. "If he makes it to 60, that will be the equivalent of us making it to 100 or 105."<

Remember we also share a 98% DNA match, which is most often is worded that Chimpanzee's are 98% Human.  Turned around, we should also be saying that Humans are 98% Chimpanzee.


In 2002 Cobby's longtime Keeper Lisa Hamburger related Cobby to a Grandpa.  That was thirteen years ago.

In 2010 the San Francisco Zoo Vet at the time made the official statement to Media, that by age 60 he would be a Human equivalent of 100 +.  SO, at 57 in 2015, let's assume Cobby is in his 90s.  Think of him as a 90 year old man.

Our Grandpa Cobby

The San Francisco Zoo moving these Senior Chimpanzees, especially Cobby who is ten years older than Maggie and Minnie, would be like kicking your elderly grandparents out of your home, for no other reason than you just don't want to care for them anymore.

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