Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Visitors Upset Senior Chimp ... Again.

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Last Thursdays Zoo visit to wish all the Zoo Friends a Happy Valentines Day, was int erupted before it even got started.  I always visit the Chimps first.  When I got there, Cobby was coming from the direction of the night quarters.  He was fluffed up and had something in his hand.  I immediately knew what was going to happen next.  The public doesn't disappoint.  

Swaying side to side, the crowd of visitors start heckling and laughing at him.   Cobby reacts.

As you saw noted, this is a common occurrence  People act the fool all over the Zoo, at most Animals.  The Zoo does nothing to educate on Visitor behavior as Guests in the Animals Home.   

One could say this Human behavior towards the Chimps is a reason they should move.  It might be more peaceful someplace else.  No, it would be peaceful at the Zoo for all the Animals, Chimps included IF the Zoo cared enough to take a proactive and active approach to dealing with the situation of misbehaving Visitors.  

In the case of the Chimps, there should be a sign at the enclosure, in regard to what Human behavior is upsetting to the Chimps and what behavior and displays from the Chimps, indicate that.  I have written about this before, as well noted that Zoo Docents should be stationed at Chimps as crowd control.

This along with not upgrading their home, even with a coat of paint, is just another example of the Zoo not caring and a direct show of how the Chimps are slighted.  In my opinion, another reason the Zoo should be forced to keep the Chimps and make them a priority. Upgrade their home.  If they could do something like I suggested with Grotto 2 and 3, the Chimps would have a removed place to retreat to more.  Adding more signage to the front of Grotto 1 that included their ages, behavior, and noting about distress. ... Eventually building a new enclosure.   A new enclosure would provide them more space and space to not have to sit and stare out at people acting the fool.

Also note, I called Security and after 7 minutes, still no one showed.  The group had left and I too walked away for a bit.  They should have responded in a quicker time, as I reported an Animal in distress.


  1. Horrifying actions of kids that are old enough to know better. Security is too busy playing around in the parking lot but then again the new security guards probably wouldnt react anyway. The zoo is always afraid of offending hecklers. They are afraid of losing business but why would they need a hecklers business? Where were the chaperones? MORE SIGNAGE MORE ENFORCEMENT. I agree with all you stated.

  2. @Andie - Thank you for your comment. I apologize for the delay in replies to all comments. I worked hard to present the information in all aspects of Networking this situation. That left me exhausted, but it was all worth it. I'm here now to post replies. Will do my best to do so in hindsight of the Victory! ... Yes to all you said. Again this goes with mismanagement. No signage. Improper use of Docents and Security. The Security attention in the parking lot is ridiculous. Most of all it goes with misplaced priorities and the Animals are not at the top of the List.


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